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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 8, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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10:00 eastern on saturday. from new york, defending freedom. freedom. good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc welcome to "red eye." it is like disieg know sis murder, if by murder you mean herpes. hi, andy, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> who sun happy over a -- about mcdonalds eliminating its dollar menu? spoiler alert. and has obama lost his sex appeal? some say yes, but will smith says, ah, hell no. and are shrooms wood are to cancer patients? we report and you have a conversation with the rabbit sitting next to you. >> i would eat your face with a plastic force if i didn't know it would taste so bad. >> thank you for your kind words. >> i apologize for nothing. i am here with patty m
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brown. she is so hot she can boil frogs just by staring at them over long periods of time. she is a monster for doing that, however. he is great. if comedic genius was a banjo, i would finger him at a bluegrass festival. and there is my repulsive sidekick, bill shultz. good housekeeping recommends a mixture of toothpaste and lemon juice to get him out of your carpet. 1k3* there he is looking over there, the daily beast contributor, dana bichon. if he were commentary, i would ride him despite the smell of urine and vomit. and good to see you, pinchy. >> hi, kids, don't smoke pot, follow al scott. don't drink the booze, just read his reviews. don't chew smack, enjoy the hack. don't sleep with a hooker -- well, sleep with the hooker. >> i believe that. >> you should, i said. it i am the paper of record, dam it.
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>> you are the paper of record. they holler for the dollar, but the clown turns them down. it seems mcdonalds is getting flagrant in its hatred of the vai vagrant. you like that? bums, hobos and tramps throughout san francisco sparked outrage as they are odor russ over a neighborhood mcdonalds dollar menu. with homeless protesters, i assume that is them, claiming they are moving their bus out. items that were 9 nip cents -- 99 cents are now priced at $1.49. that's an increase of a bunch of coins thrown at your face. said one live in loiterer to the san francisco chronicle, quote, yeah, man, it sucks, i eat less and need more money. if i don't have a dollar and want food i go to a trashcan. for more on these developments let's go live to the west coast correspondent, the
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constantly sneezing cup. what do you have for us? >> i can't say anything after that except i love sniftsieses. you lived like me in the bay area for quite some time. do you believe what this mcdonalds franchise is doing is a war on the homeless? is it a war? >> well, it depends on if you mean by war raising something 50 cents in prices as your opening salvo, yes. i am an expert on this particular mcdonalds. i lived near it for self-years. it is a human zoo. i once had a rented pin dough -- pinto, yes, you heard me, towed from that mcdonalds. i feel a deep empathy. so many times are you there
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and somebody says, i used to rule this planet when it was underwater, and you know how it felt. >> why was he at a mcdonalds for so long his pinto was towed. >> it sounds like your home office. >> i parked it there thinking you could park it overnight. the fashists that run mcdonalds won't let you park for free in their lot soirks had to go down to the lot with the guy with no teeth and get it out. the fact that i admitted to renting a pinto makes me want to do nothing but cover you with oil. >> perhaps you get a reprieve. >> let me bring you into this. you were once homeless. maybe you were able to find an affordable pinto. >> i wrote a memwior. >> do you think this is a result of the supply and demand and the homeless should buck up and shut up? >> wow, greg. when you put it that way --
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no, i mean, i don't know quite what sort of homeless these r. are these refugees from the culture wars? i want them to be. at least we can find a moral in the story which is important to me. if we are to assume that, go with me, there is a certain irony that they want to start off by up ending the united states of america and by the time it is over, if they can get admission to mcdonald land. >> now the war is over and extra large order of fries. >> that's what it comes down to. >> they are refugees, but they are refugeeses from eld coulder states. -- from colder states. they moved by choice from states that were 10 to 20 degrees cooler, patty m brown. >> it is possible. one guy moved from tennessee. >> tennessee is cold? >> that's my point. i am refuting that. spl people came -- some people came from warmer states, but some came from colder states. the point is they go to san
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francisco because the people are generous to the homeless in san francisco. you can still feed yourself for an entire day if it is $1.50 a meal you get three squares for less than $5. you can't tell me a homeless person in san francisco isn't getting $5 a day. >> i was hanging out with mr. wendell and someone said, here, have a dollar, in fact, no, have three. >> for viewers who are not over 30, they will be confused. >> they were from tennessee. >> bill, you are in a tough spot because you eat at mcdone eld thats, yet you -- mcdonalds and yet you have sex with the homeless, so you are in a tight spot. >> i would like to get back to that. san francisco homeless people are strong and uh agree cive. so any sex i have would be nonconsensual. if you don't give them money they will beat you up or do both. why would we want them well fed? i want them as weak and famished so i can run away
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with them. >> also, you don't want to give fast-food to the homeless. we know what fast-food does to you. if you feed them a mcflurry, they will leave a mcflurry. >> in a mchurry. >> all over your mcporche. >> and depending on where they aim it can be mcblurry. >> i think we should move on. from mcflurry to mcworry. has the big o lost his mojo? out of all of the things president obama has lost since taking office, the biggest may be his sex appeal. less than two years into his term and the man once described as so cool he is hot , and had sex appeal has gone from george clooney to george due caw kiss. they said "it was about the time when the gulf of mexico first came to be a wash in bp oil that the rig of obama's sex appeal collapsed too.
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with presidential impotence so plane, no viagra could have done the trick. and then he says, failure is not sexy. tell me about it. the president spoke in milwaukee, an actual city on labor day, a holiday, as part of his bringing sexy back tour. >> that's been at the heart of what we have been doing. building our economy on a new foundation so that our middle class doesn't just survive the crisis. i want it to thrive. i want it to be stronger than it was before. and over the last two years, that has meant taking on powerful interests. powerful interests who have been dominating the agenda in washington for a longtime. they are not always happy with me. they talk about me like a dog. >> well, there is nothing sexier than a whiner. or maybe this.
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i would like to see them try that tied up in my basement. it would be a lot harder. >> maybe. >> it would be fun. does this writer for "the daily beast" have a point that sexiness was a huge part -- a huge part of him being elected, and now the sexiness has dissipated like something that dissipates? >> yes, ergo the dissipation of the initial dissipationness. >> exactly. >> you can say fairly two years ago the media was in love with obama. every time you turned the tvo, -- turned on the v,-- on the tv, president obama's [rasberry] tasted like dash sh ad and he is in the same position as george bush which is the one failure after another makes you unpopular. remember when he wept to
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hawaii his chest was so shiny you could see rob blagojevich's reflection in it. >> and then you could see his reflection in blahojevich's hair. it is one of those things when you have two mirrors together and your head explodes. >> and it goes all over. dana, the dog thing. was he complaining, ie thin skin, or was he quoting jimmy hendrix. >> zone free. >> i am not going to be dragged into that. >> you don't want to sound too controversial? >> turns out the homeless are from tennessee, they are not all hippie. i have a political career to consider. >> i don't know anybody who has a good plan to save the american middle class. he has extended unemployment benefits. that's not a foundation. that's an extension cord. what is interesting here, and i think he is a great writer and stylist. >> and excellent hair. >> amazing hair. but a friend of the bush
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administration predicted obama would get re-elected. they say the pulpit is so strong and powerful that the president can do this -- he can get on air. for many people the president is more of an actor than a policy figure. >> you are an economical -- an economic -- indeed. does it come down to cycles that the economy recovers and who ever is in power will gain the success from that? >> i think it is not as bad as people are saying. people are talking about the depression and they forget people had machine guns mowbted on their summer -- mounted on their summer houses outside new york. >> i wish that was the case. it is like "road warrior" meets" driving miss daisy." >> obama will get a second term because of the power of the incumbent. ronald reagan was in this place and bill clinton was in this place. >> it is a cycle.
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you talk about 84 and 94. do you agree that in a way, what he has said, the media -- we talked about this on "red eye" the media was playing him up so much that he could only fall. >> yeah, and it wasn't just the media. the article was quoting ordinary women who were talking about they are fan tau sizing about him years ago. he was the man. he was the brad pittment and now he is just -- brad pitt. now he is more human and fallible. it shows that women go for the power and he seemed -- >> women are shallow. first they love them and then leave them. bill, here is what bothers me -- how can they call him sexy? he is not close to calvin cool ledge. >> silent cal? he was loud when it came to hot they. and don't get me started on poke. i want to poke, poke. >> you were growling for
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grover. >> i can't think of any other ones. there were a couple sexy ones with large beards and i am to the talking the first lady. i want to get back to the jimmy hendrix quote. even though the singer and guitarist was black, when obama quoted him, it sounds like he did and obama was showing a little of his white side. there that was the sort of part of him, the part growing up with the hacky sack and the khakises and us lening to jimmy hendrix and he was flashing a little white to the crowd. i enjoyed that. the only black person listening to jimmy hendrix was jimmy hendrix. >> really? >> i feel like it. >> we will have to prove that later. >> does money make you marry? that's according to a report in tuesday's edition of the proceedings of the national academy of sciences. people's happiness increases with their income up to $75,000 and then levels off
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like something that levels off. giving people more income beyond 75k is not going to do much for their daily mood. but it is going to make them feel like they have a better life. that's for folks making less than 75 grand. stuff is so in your face, it is hard to be happy. it interferes with your enjoyent in. an economist said those things. do you know what else is so in your face? this. >> i wish that was in my face. you are a hollywood fat cat. $70,000 would not cover your bath bead allotment for the month.
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that's all i have to say. >> my medical marijuana bills are higher than that, greg, and i can prove. it i was excited that a princeton economist said, stop showing your face. who are we talking to? the high school football coach? i thought you were a priss stone economist. another word besides stuff would occur. i am having trouble understanding the concept. people who make $75,000 have an easier life than who don't make $75,000? there was a study on this? i am not a big economist or anything like that, but i will say, yeah. more money, more fun, more chicks, more cars, more dough, more visits to mcdonalds for dollar meals, even when mayor mccheese is not there anymore. >> yes. >> i have to agree with the study and be disappointed by the results. >> how can you divide happiness -- define happiness with feeling successful. i don't know many happy
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failures. i don't get this. >> he makes the distinction you may not be happier, but you will feel more successful. i think it is more of a smug rich person. >> you mean like dana bichon? >> yes. >> minus the rich thing though. >> poor dana. i'm kidding. >> it is an important study. increasingly, we are measuring governments and moving toward how happy do they make their citizens? what does a government exist for, right? the number $75,000 is important. can you get everyone there? if the answer is no, you have to resign yourself to a bunch of miserable people and find out how you keep them from causing trouble. >> how does he settle on 70,000? 70,000 in scran ton is worth more than 70,000 in manhattan. but you are still in scranton. >> yes, and there was no allowances for cost of living anywhere in the united states. it is like they are talking
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about a different country. i didn't get that part. i will always go back to burt reynolds who said, i would rather be miserable and rich, than miserable and poor. i have had both and i will take miserable and rich anytime. and i will go to a countess from "housewives of new york" who said, monica, buy a class, my friend. also worth noting. >> that was chilling. you talked a lot like her. >> money can't buy you class. so, what is it like to lead an ostrich army and live to tell about it? patty m brown confesses. is it the truth to everything? the answer is yes to what is an edible foundation in places.
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yeah. so apparently officials have named an l.a. school after two greenies, al gore and rachel carson, the dead author known for birthing the modern environmental movement. a public school cost $75 million and will house about 600 students. but get this, it is located on a pile of toxic goo. yeah, according to activists, the soil contained more than a dozen underground storage tanks serving light industrial businesses, end quote. and even more ooze from tanks of a nearby gas staying. the fact thisen vie row church -- this enviro church sits on a vast amount and it leads them to say, this is ironic. that would be an incorrect use of the word "irony." that's because it is poison.
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it is responsible in part for the deaths worldwide. it is only fitting that a structure is the cherry on the contaminated cake. remember reading "silent spring" in 1962? in it she wrote ddt that killses malaria-carrying mosquitos caused problems to bird. she linked it to cancer and this alarmism lead to a ban in 72. now decadeses later, the loss of ddt has allowed up to two million deaths each year. according to the american council, 30 to 60 million have died since the ban. so that is why irony does president work here. -- doesn't work here. for you panicky people getting panicky over bed bugs, realize the experts blame the ddt ban for that. every time you scratch, think of rachel. if you disagree with me, are you a racist homo phobe who won't return my handcuffs. sfwhie so day --
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so dana, do you think i am being too hard on the environmentalist movement? >> i do. i think they are tragically blind to the needs of the third world. like with the formula given out in africa and they didn't realize there was no clean water. ddt probably does have the application, but women's pan tee hose were decomposing because the air was so filthy. >> where was this? >> old america. the tires were cracking. the enamel on their teeth was wearing off because there was ben -- benzine in the air. i >>- q. i never heard about the pan tee -- >> i never heard about the pan tee hose. you are right. isn't it a real outrage that the school costs like $80 million. that's a lot of money to spend on anything. >> well, in fact, it is 80 million hamburgers you could
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given to the poor if you were not such a cynical, awful, jaded dwarf of a human being. i am glad you quoted the american council on science and health. if you quoted princeton they would have said, a bunch of dudes are sick and whatnot. so at least you got your facts straight. >> thank you very much. >> you are welcome. >> school has not had a good year. i just missed what he just said. >> he had more to say. >> the beauty of delay. >> you are so right about the ironies here. years after this kiss that was supposed to prove how much he loved his wife, he is getting a divorce, a massage therapist accusing him of sexual assault. even if she is lying we know about his pension for these overpriced late-night massages in hotel rooms. and now this environmental school that was supposed to be named after him is on toxic soil. and don't forget the gunman who took hostages at the discovery channel credited "an
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inconvenient truth" as his inspiration. >> the guy who shot john lennon was reading "racher -- catcher in the rye." >> good book. >> in college your name was "toxic soil" so you have something in common with the school, don't you? >> they sit upon what i used to make. i would say i am not outraged that gore's name is on a grade school. if his name were on a massage therapist school with a minor in happy endings, i would be outraged. he set the profession backy yawns. >> let's clarify. it is a high school. and that begs the question, why is there a high school for environmental study. why not learning the three r's which most don't know the basics? >> why is it being built? seriously. it is a high school on environmental sciences. that's nuts. >> california is a different country. he is a god in california.
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palin does not resonate with me in my world, but i understand she is a powerful figure in this country. the environment is meaningful. it is part of who they are. >> they are all going to hell. coming up, dana talks about his secret live as lou-lou, queen of the dam. and what is this videos of being coupley? stupid couples get out of my face.
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is having a soulmate not so great? actually yeah according to the experts on love, ie researchers. according to a recent poll, 2/3 of americans believe in soulmate. the idea that two people are destined to be together. a new study cautions those relationships may be more fraught -- see they are happy at first because they have intense emotional and personal connections, but more likely to break up because it is hard to sustain such intensity and long-term relationships. and then they kill each other like i did with captain sas safrass. anyway, did you see my new soulmate?
3:31 am
>> we are the exception to the rule. do you believe in soulmates? tell me you do. >> i i didn't until a moment ago when a man with a giant pouch came into my life. now my eyes are a dazzling vortex full of lily ponds and emeralds swirling around with promise. >> sorry, he is mine and we are ma nothing muss. is it possible to be monogomous with a striped head? they tend to run in herds. i can see you two frisking with your tails. >> i like you. we will make it work. >> tell me about your soulmate. >> i think love is a trick that is played upon our genes. i don't believe in this silly
3:32 am
stuff anymore. >> what happened? >> somebody changed me. >> who changed you? who changed your genes? what did she do? >> she stripped my heart. >> i made her a paper ring and drew a diamond and colored it with a high lighter and she left me for a large albanian guy who just moved into town. >> this happened last year, right? >> it is the thought that understand counts, well, that is [bleep]. >> it was the paper ring. >> yes. it was so easy. i bought her something plastic and she was happy with me. it is easy to pick up after the failings. should you cultivate stable rather than intense relationships? that's what they seem to be saying here. >> it is. first of all, i quarreled with the definition of soulmates. they describe it as two people who are destined to be
3:33 am
together. the dictionary says a soulmate is somebody suited to another in temperament or attitude or belief. nothing about destiny. i'm not sure where they are getting their idea. >> they got it from the ipad. >> i think if they really use the dictionary definition of soulmate, you will find they have happy marriages. >> maybe it is that you can mate. >> greg, that is in my dating guide, the paper ring. >> i will be right back. >> soulmates are drama addicts. they live for the highs and the lows. soulmates are bad. what you want is amicable. amicable is a 401k plan. amicable means soulmates is somebody you get arrested with
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at a concert because you are having sex in a port-a-potty. soulmates are bad. the point is, you know what a soulmate is? it is a person who says soulmate. do you know what i mean? if you ever run into somebody who is a potential date who says the word "soulmate" run screaming because they are drama addicts. normal people never use the word soulmate in evidence conversation -- in everyday conversation. >> unless they are australian and talking about religion. >> or a hip hop chess. hey, i just invented a new game. from come panen whys to cures. so this just in, shrooms make you feel awesome. you c tell? that's according to the tiny uni corn on my shoulder named francis. and anybody who has taken shrooms in the history of the world. they gave magic mushrooms to a
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group of cancer patients. i guess these are the mushrooms. the purpose is to study the affect on depression. patients who took a single dose of the hallunicogenic drug experienced a drop in depression and anxiety. mainly because they were triping. but a month later the stress levels were lower than they were prior to the study. let's check in with our shroom cory spawn department, lazy -- correspondent, lazy larry. >> i don't think he is lazy. i think somebody is holding his legs. the person holding his legs is cruel. that's cruel carl. why is testing drugs like shrooms controversial? shouldn't we test everything to see if it works? >> yeah, man. everything is cool. you know, mushroom studies are
3:36 am
so important that i have been conducting one this afternoon here in los angeles. >> really? >> yeah, i'm feeling kind of good right now. although i feel there is so much benzine in the air my pan tee hose are disintegrating. i don't know if there is a correlation or if it has anything to do with the building of schools that could be given to the homeless. if you want to see homeless testing i will go there and stand outside. and the answer is yes it makes you feel awesome. then later when you go to class you say, [bleep] i wish i studied. >> day you -- dana, here is my thing -- when you look at mushrooms, you know they have an uh ect if. 90% of the scientific work is done. you know what it does. why can't they apply whatever affect a drug has whether it is shrooms or cocaine or pot. they know the affect.
3:37 am
then mod due late it and control it. >> mushrooms versus cancer. if i have to think that hard i would do mushrooms. >> i will take that as your answer. now to p.a.b. you know, everybody knows somebody with cancer. you have to get rid of their pain. why not let people have the sub stanes? i don't understand -- the substances. i don't understand. >> i agree. how is that? >> it is simple. >> it is simple. way to take her answer. >> we planned this. >> i don't think they did a very good job. the whole study -- i read it up and down and down and up. i in fact was shroomin myself. nowhere did they mention what it was like coming down. did they feel worse coming down than normally? >> they waited like six months. >> i have an english end from.
3:38 am
when he was coming down he saw policemen everywhere and he sought refugee in a steam room. there was a sweaty person in there and he says, it is a little japanese man. so that is the answer to your question. >> apparently what we learn is every time you come down from shrooms, you will see a japanese man in a sauna. that's harmless. >> you can sweat it out. do you have a comment on this crazy, strange show? it is red eye at fox news .com. to leave a voicemail it is 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by skateboarding. the it combines beautiful sound of scale boarding.
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welcome back. let's find out if he has anything right so far. what do you have? >> i didn't steel it. i got it as part of the settlement and she knows that. >> her blog states differently. >> my lawyers will be looking into that. >> you do that. she is saying some inflammatory things. what is her blog again? >> her blog is dewit stops here. .org, .net. san francisco mcdonalds is pissing off homeless people. dana, i guess the majority of homeless people in san francisco are not refugees of the culture war. at least not the guy who is described in the article as, quote, a 29-year-old with a confederate flag tattooed on the back of his head. >> he sounds like a refugee of a certain culture war, but not the one i was referring to. >> you seem to think homeless people shouldn't have a
3:43 am
problem with the dollar menu being raised to the $1.50 menu because it is still three meals under $5. i sympathize with the homeless here. when i was in college over the summer once, me and friends would scrowng every sunday. we scrownged under the couches for change on 99 cent whopper day, so i know how they feel. >> you were particularly homeless. >> that's called empathy. >> that's exactly what that is. >> if you went down the street and put out your hand, you would be surprised. >> i tried that once and i spent a longtime at the campus health center afterwards. >> enough said. >> has obama lost his sex appeal? you were a big hillary clinton fan, as i recall. as obama's sexiness de creesd, hillary's is on the rise? >> i think it is fair, dr. levy. i think people wanting to raise calves, big 4h ones has the country hoted up. when they see the size of her
3:44 am
female member, they can't help but be amazed. one time out of line and it is too soon? >> not soon enough. >> that's fine. i will mark that under sorry i asked. >> dana, first of all, kudos to you for refusing to be drawn into the whole jimmy hendrix debate. >> i have a culture thing rolling. this is an extension of that. >> absolutely. >> this whole sexy thing, isn't there something like the modern left is known for it whether it is j.f.k. or barack obama? it is something they are drawn to. and they talk about intau elect, but when push comes to shove, isn't it the charisma they are responsible for? >> yes. it is the sean cassidy movement. >> i forgot to mention that. >> never mind. >> that's it, dana. i agree with you that obama will get a second term. >> yeah. >> happiness increases with
3:45 am
income. you kept putting around the number $70,000 as in up to $70,000. it was actually 75. >> you made a lot of people happier. >> 75,000. >> $75,000? i was thinking about the school costing $75,000. $70,000. what did i say? >> 70,000, it was 75,000. >> so i was right. >> no. >> y let's justt say you were right. >> greg, apologize to the people of scranton who are clinging to their guns and headed your way. >> i love scranton. i used to drive by there often. >> what is wrong with a princeton economist getting down with people? >> nothing as long as i can have a tenured position at princeton where i can smoke weed and have bad grammar. >> i don't see why you can't. >> well, it is something i am looking into. this fox red eye thing is not paning out. i haven't got enough money to
3:46 am
buy a dollar meal. >> i feel like the only reason you don't have it now is they were not aware you were interested. >> you know, you may well be right. let's chat when i get to new york next week. >> let's do that. greg a lot school named after al gore and it may beacon tam it thated. the -- it may be contaminated. the big thing is everybody gets to flue i there on their leer jet. and a gore spokesperson was asked about this. gore is on vacation and unreachable. >> he has been like that -- >> i am supposed to believe the guy who invented the internet is unreachable? >> reach aroundable. >> well, he was. >> you said carson's idea is responsible for the death of millions worldwide. and sure anywhere estimate say that anywhere from a million to 2.7 million people die every year from malaria now. and ddt is not being used. it thined bird egg shells and
3:47 am
it brought back the bald eagle and the brown pellican. you can't have everything. >> i question that science as well. but i like bald eagles. they taste delicious. >> that's our national symbol, sir. >> as much ace loathe them, i don't think it is okay to blame al gore for the discovery channel lock up. >> no, i didn't blame him. i was just trying to point ut the irony that things are not going his way this year. >> in fairness i heard her whisper "i blame him." >> all of america and parts of the solomon islands are there. >> you can go to her website, i blame al gore .com. >> and there is high risk for disenchantment. i don't think what it matters the dictionary of soulmate. the research everies' definition is how a lot of people define it, isn't it? >> the reason i bothered to
3:48 am
look it up is because i was con us food by that. in my mind a soulmate is more like the dictionary definition. two people who are very compatible. it has nothing to do with love at first sight or fate. it is two different things. >> the biggest group that believes in this is 18 to 29-year-olds which tells you everything you need to know. >> don't trust anyone under 30. >> harry and sally have been divorced for a long, longtime. >> bite your tongue. >> that was the best movie that was totally wrong. >> and shrooms good for cancer patients. isn't the worst part is the feds make it tough for medical resomuch pho facilities. why do the feds hate cancer patients? >> that's a good question. a better question is why does anyone hate anyone? let's open it up even more. why are you hating on me right now? >> i would never hate on you
3:49 am
my good sir. thank you, my brother. >> i think you would hate near you. >> you have hated in my general direction. >> i have, ut but i didn't know you were standing there. i can't apologize because i uh pom. - i apologized for nothing. >> one time you hated me and then blamed the dog. >> i am done, greg. >> you r. let's move on. we have to take a break. could the promo for cnn's new show be romoier? yeah.
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now here is something fun. cnn announced the name and the premiere date for the new 8:00 p.m. program. enjoy the promo. >> let's talk about mideast peace settlements. that's where we will go with the show. >> do you see people's eyes glazing? >> i do. i think we need to talk about something important, and i know it is hard. >> you are right. you are right. >> it is the name of our show and we have to name it something. >> i figured it out a longtime ago. >> let's hear it. >> done, debate over. you have a better idea? >> parker spitzer. what do you think?
3:54 am
>> parker spitzer. >> it rolls off the tongue. >> here is the deal, i will concede it to you for a player to be named later. no -- >> how about the spitzer factor. >> parker spitzer, done deal. love it. >> it is like "moonlighting" but with socks. aren't they adorable? do you have a name for them? >> oh, man. he is a small child at this point. we put it out to the mad libs of the viewers. >> the should you sounds like a euphemism. why are you limping? i was parker spitzered. and it is a so worth it. >> you will hear about parker
3:55 am
spitzer on a website in germany. >> do you think this show will be a hit? >> oh do i? were we supposed to see that, or was that sound food -- footage they were not supposed to show the audience yet? have you ever been caught at a party by two people boring you to death? i felt like that. i was in a kitchen in manhattan backed up against the fire escape trying to have a smoke. and then these two white people going, parker spitzer, spit swre r parker. are they supposed to be funny? >> they are like a couple in an elevator that are pretending like you are not there, but want you to hear them talk. and you are supposed to leave the elevator going, wow, that was a pretty together couple. >> they are really cool. i bet they have hobbies. >> i wish they were my friends. >> i wish they lived next to me. >> oh to be invited. >> we have to close things up. i wish i had more time. to see clips of recent shows go to fox news .com slash red
3:56 am
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> i hear you are headed to the fine city of portland, oregon. >> i am, mr. levey, thank you. i will be going to seattle's shute little -- slutty little sister. >> actually the city's motto. interesting. dana, is it true you were reunited with your i will legitimate son, franco? >> it was his fifth birthday. >> how did it go? >> he says if i can change he can forgive me. >> excellent. >> anything happening on friday we should know about? >> yes, my birthday. >> oh. 29 again. >> is there going to be a party? >> none that i'm gonna tell you about. >> oh yeah. >> well played. well played. >> back to you, greg. >> we have to go. what day is your birthday? >> friday. >> mine is satury.


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